Alcohol, drug and process addictions are diseases that  permeate every strata of our society, regardless of socio-economic status, race or age.

These diseases are debilitating –  terrifying and confusing maladies that cause pain and nurture despair in the patient, their family and friends.

At Fair Witness Intervention, we  provide intervention services to those suffering from these diseases of addiction as well as their families. Founder Bob Beck commands over eleven years of dedicated experience in recovery, rendering him a remarkable resource for those seeking long-term recovery.

Motivated by his experiences and empowered by his on-going training and success, Bob created Fair Witness Intervention to support your journey in recovery, beginning with the pivotal process of intervention.


“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

– Haruki Murakami


Call with any questions you may have. Each client has different needs and we are prepared to participate in THEIR recovery.


Moderation and facilitation of the intervention process.


These meetings, as well as remote support, bring objective and honest assessments of patient and family progress through the treatment process and after. Self-care is encouraged, and assistance is available to find appropriate counseling, if desired.


We provide transportation for a client/loved one to treatment in a compassionate, encouraging and safe manner.


With permission of the patient (or in the case of a minor, parents’ permission) Fair Witness will be involved to whatever degree considered appropriate in treatment or aftercare. This service can include: conference calls with a therapist and the patient; visits with the patient while in treatment; And, most importantly, acting as liaison between patient, family and clinicians.

What If DOING something different RESULTED in something different? Try it:

– Terry a O’Neal

• Be willing.

• Look for similarities, not differences in those around you

• Be open to the idea others can see things in you that you can’t see in yourself

– Bob Beck